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A sustainable statement for your event

Congress Messe Innsbruck’s advantages as a “Green Location”.

Clean air, clear water, a protected environment, social responsibility and regional awareness: this is what characterises the Tirol region and the provincial capital of Innsbruck. Congress Messe Innsbruck is keenly aware of its responsibility for the region and actively contributes to protecting the region’s outstanding quality of life. The company has been awarded the Austrian Eco Label for “Green Meetings & Green Events“ and each of its three locations is certified as a “Green Location”. Congress Messe Innsbruck has also been awarded the “Green Globe”sustainability certificate. These organisations carry out rigorous audits, which attest to the fact that Congress Messe Innsbruck makes a conscious effort to behave in a sustainable way and to invest in sustainability and energy efficiency. 

  • Congress Messe Innsbruck obtains all its electricity from renewable sources, such as regional hydro energy.
  • Over 80% of the energy required for heating and cooling the Congress Innsbruck and Messe Innsbruck locations comes from two deep groundwater wells.
  • Further improving the energy balance, a solar thermal system has been installed at the congresspark igls location.
  • Furthermore, currently there are plans to install new photovoltaic systems at all three locations.
  • Electric vehicle charging points are available at the Congress Innsbruck and Messe Innsbruck locations. These are plans to introduce these at the congresspark igls location.
  • Visitors of our own trade fairs can use public transport across Tirol free of charge; this service is provided in collaboration with Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe (IVB) and Verkehrsverbund Tirol (VVT).
  • Congress Messe Innsbruck is authorised to certify events as “Green Meetings & Green Events”.
  • The Sustainability Officers at Congress Messe Innsbruck will be happy to assist organisers with any questions they may have, as well as with planning and implementing their sustainable events.

Do good and talk about it!

Green Meetings and Green Events are an excellent way of taking a visible stance for sustainability and environmental protection. They are characterised by optimised energy efficiency, waste reduction and environmentally friendly transport for participants. Regional value creation and social responsibility also play an important role. The following points are important for “Green Meetings” and “Green Events”:

  • Proposals for ensuring participants’ environmentally friendly arrival and departure
  • Mobility at the venue and CO2 reduction
  • Environmentally friendly accommodation
  • Energy efficient events location
  • Environmentally friendly sourcing of materials
  • Regional, organic and fairtrade catering
  • Material and waste management
  • Social aspects and communication
  • Resource-conserving event
  • et cetera...

Taking a stance together

Measures that reduce the environmental impact of your event.

All hosts benefit from our standard measures, but there are many more ways to organise an event in an environmentally friendly manner, save resources and minimise emissions:

  • No or minimal printed advertising materials, programme booklets etc.
  • No giveaways or use of regional and sustainable products only
  • Providing information about public transport options to participants
  • Support for the local economy by working with local partners
  • Use of reusable cups
  • Energy-saving measures, e.g., doors to air conditioned or heated rooms must be kept shut, electric appliances must be switched off or disconnected when not in use
  • in order to keep energy consumption as low as possible, all electrical equipment is to be switched off / unplugged when not in use
  • etc...

Calculation of carbon emissions generated by events

The following link can be used to calculate the carbon footprint of events at the three Congress Messe Innsbruck venues.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in obtaining a certification for your event, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our Sustainability Officers will be happy to help.

“Green Meetings & Events” contact

Anastasia Zangerl
 Telephone | +43 512 5936 1155
Email | a.zangerl@cmi.at


Austrian Eco Label – Green Meetings and Green Events 
PDF: 224.18 KB
Austrian Eco Label – Tourism and Leisure Industry
PDF: 224.24 KB
Green Globe certification
PDF: 7.56 MB
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