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Our History

Historical roots and modern facilities.

The locations of the Congress Messe Innsbruck have a long and traditional history, some of which go back to the Middle Ages. The history of the locations is a fascinating journey into the past. Discover the exciting development of the three locations from their creation to becoming the most important congress, event and trade fair company in western Austria.

Congress Innsbruck

Everything began with the Dogana in the Middle Ages. It was at first the largest theater auditorium in Europe, then a riding school and the model for the construction of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. But its function as the centerpiece of Congress Innsbruck was established more than 100 years before the congress building was opened when, in 1869 in the Dogana, the first meeting in Tirol, the General Meeting of the Catholic Associations of Austria, was held. In the course of the Second World War, the Dogana was destroyed down to its surrounding walls by heavy bombing. In 1966, it was decided to rebuild the Dogana and construct a congress and event centre.

It was opened in 1973 as the first of its kind in Tirol. The historic foundation walls of the Dogana were integrated into the new building. The building was extended by 45% with the reconstruction in 1995. In the 21st century Congress Innsbruck has acquired a new main entrance and various rooms & foyer areas have also received a makeover. The "Orangerie" in the inner courtyard was added around the year 2000. Ongoing investment, with due account taken of its historic significance, contributes to the building’s continuous modernization. In 2023, the Congress Innsbruck celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Messe Innsbruck

Hall B, a listed building on the Innsbruck trade fair site, was dismantled in 1892 in Prague and re-erected in Innsbruck. Both this hall and the north outdoor area were ice skating rinks in the early years. The Tirolean State Exhibition was held there in 1893 from 15 June to 4 October. Topics included horses, cattle and small livestock, fruit growing and horticulture, South Tirolean wine exhibition, dairy, fish and beekeeping, hunting and forestry, tourism, mining, construction and engineering, commercial hygiene as well as treasures of Old Tirolean art and the art industry.

There were daily concerts by the exhibition orchestra, a circus, an oriental labyrinth, an international cycling competition and the presentation of customs and customs. The “Innsbrucker Messe Gesellschaft” was founded in 1923 and the trade fair industry enjoyed a constant upward trend in the post-war years. In January 2012, after major new construction and renovation, the Innsbruck trade fair opened its doors as one of the most modern exhibition centers in the Alpine region. In 2023, the Innsbruck Trade Fair celebrated its 100th anniversary.

congresspark igls

At the site of the former Congress Igls, which was renovated as congresspark igls in January 2007, there was originally a spa house from the Art Nouveau period. A new spa house was built in 1966 and after it shut down it was run as congress centre from 1979, managed by Congress Innsbruck. A great number of small conferences and other events were held there before the house’s edificial condition did not allow any further events.

After a series of considerations, the committees of Congress and Messe Innsbruck GmbH made the decision in December 2004 to build a new multi functional center, the congresspark igls, which has seen already a wide range of events since its opening congresspark igls, has been part of the company since 1979. Since 2007 congresspark igls has been much admired as a very modern, multifunction glass pavilion.


The anniversary book: “Innsbruck Trade Fair and Congress through the ages” - sheds light on the company's eventful history.

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