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Dogana Foyer

The Dogana Foyer adjoins Congress Innsbruck’s largest, most magnificent hall. Built as a ballroom in 1582, the Dogana is widely considered the first and oldest Royal Court Opera theatre north of the Alps. After a long and turbulent history, which involved the nearly complete destruction of the Renaissance building, its ruins were incorporated into the new Congress Innsbruck during the 1970s. The Dogana has been the heart and soul of the building ever since.
Its 698-square-metre foyer on the ground floor is suitable for a wide range of purposes. It combines with the similarly sized Europa Foyer and the Brüssel Foyer to form the palatial Rennweg Foyer, spanning an impressive area of 1,620 square metres.

​​​​​​​Area: 698 m²
Room height: 2.50 m
Floor: ground floor
Usage: a.o. access, registration, exhibitions, presentation space, catering, break room
Branding: yes (upon request)
Daylight: yes
Special features: artworks
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