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Saal Grenoble

Saal Grenoble is one of four seminar rooms on the third floor of Congress Innsbruck. All four foyers on this floor are typical breakout rooms named after Innsbruck’s partner cities. Located next to each other and adjacent to the Diesner Foyer, they collectively form a coherent seminar wing. This third-floor complex offers a private and quiet working environment sheltered from all disturbances.

Saal Grenoble offers ample daylight: seminar attendees and conference visitors are treated to marvellous views of the Inn river, Innsbruck's oldest district "Anpruggen", and the Nordkette mountain range with the Seegrube.

​​​​​​​Area: 125 m²
Capacity: 108 people
Room height: 2.56 m
Floor: third floor
Usage: a.o. lectures, trainings, meetings, workshops, breakout sessions, board meetings
Adjacent foyer: Diesner Foyer (520 m²)
Flooring: carpet
Daylight: yes
Special features: one of four rooms which combine with the Diesner Foyer to form a coherent seminar wing


110 Personen


70 Personen


100 Personen

Saal Grenoble plan
PDF: 57.01 KB
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