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When Ferdinand II of the Habsburg Monarchy had the Dogana built in 1582, all of Innsbruck stood in awe. The Archduke had been clear that the elaborate ballroom on Rennweg was to be used exclusively for purposes of pleasure and leisure. In 1629 and 1630, Archduke Leopold V ordered that the building be converted into the first Royal Court Opera theatre north of the Alps. The hall bore witness to many historical events and underwent many changes over the centuries. In the 17th century, it even inspired the creation of the famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

In 1973, the Dogana was skilfully and respectfully incorporated into the new Congress Innsbruck building. The splendid hall has been the beating heart of the complex ever since. Spanning an area of nearly 1,900 square metres and rising to a height of more than twelve metres, the Dogana is a remarkable venue predestined for meaningful encounters. ​It can accommodate up to 2,910 people for standing room only concerts and 584 people seated for a gala dinner, for example. It is as suitable for exhibitions and product launches as it is for exclusive soirées. Any event held at the Dogana is certain to be remembered. Centuries-old stone arcades and modern Nirosta stainless steel frame the grand staircase, setting the stage for magnificent performances. The Dogana occupies the ground floor of the building, immediately adjacent to the entrance on Rennweg and has its own foyer.

Area: 1,895 m²
Capacity: 2,910 people
Room height: 2.75 – 12.90 m
Floors: ground floor (main entrance), first floor (box access)
Usage: ​​​​​​​a.o. exhibitions, product launches, gala soirées, concerts, balls, fashion shows, festive events
Adjacent foyer: Dogana Foyer (698 m²)
Flooring: synthetic resin floor
Daylight: indirect
Stage: Variable shape, size and height possible
Special features: historical building elements from the 16th century, grand staircase


3.000 people


1.190 people


580 people


745 people


945 people

Dogana plan
PDF: 99.61 KB
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