Standortagentur Tirol

Standortagentur Tirol develops, promotes and markets Tirol as a business location. Its main aim is to maintain Tirol’s competitiveness as a business location and its companies in the global market. This gives rise to an intense focus on research and innovation. Its work is focused on Tirol’s economic and technological areas of strength. The companies and research and educational institutions in these areas are very close networked and effectively promoted

The cornerstones of Tirol as a business location are above-average economic growth and high productivity an extremely well qualified and highly motivated workforce combined with research facilities and achievements which make it a world leader.

To these can be added a company-friendly taxation system and quick and straightforward administrative transactions thanks to a highly professional administration. In addition to these factors, Tirol offers the highest quality of life and security in a unique landscape set against a wonderful natural backdrop.
Ideal for research, technology & innovation. High educational standards ensure a well qualified workforce and international research competence: 3 universities, 5 polytechnics and 18 research and competence centers
Close networking by means of 10 industry networks and 7 clusters. Comprehensive programs for the promotion of company Research & Development (R&D) 

Its broad business spectrum makes Tirol stand out. Tirol is especially strong in the following areas:

  1. Life Sciences
  2. Mechatronics
  3. Renewable energy
  4. Information technology
  5. Wellness


These areas of strength are reflected in the Tyrolean clusters where they form close networks of companies, research and educational institutes. The cluster partners use common synergies and heightened powers of innovation to increase competitiveness and enhance value added.