Research & Education

 Innsbruck University
A successful university is built on outstanding research facilities and achievements. Innsbruck University has developed into a first class national and international institute of higher education in teaching and research.

 Innsbruck Medical University
Innsbruck Medical University is the largest and most important medical and bio-scientific research institute in western Austria. Because of its researchers’ excellent scientific reputation it succeeds year on year in attracting
a great many international conventions and meetings to Innsbruck.

Management Center Innsbruck
In addition to Innsbruck University and Innsbruck Medical University, the MCI University of Applied Sciences (Management Center Innsbruck) occupies an important position. The “entrepreneurial school” offers diploma courses, bachelor and masters programs, postgraduate masters courses, management courses and seminars.

Another research location in the immediate vicinity of Innsbruck is UMIT in Hall in Tirol, a private university for health sciences, medical informatics and technology.