If Tirol is seen as a world champion in tourism, then it’s deservedly so. There’s no other country on earth where there are more overnight stays per inhabitant than in the “heart of the Alps” –around 61 in fact. Almost 25,000 companies make their living in Tirol directly from tourism and every night 340,000 guests can be accommodated at the same time because so many beds are available. The advantages for other branches of the economy are obvious. As are the effects on the employment market: More than 53,000 people work in tourism in Tirol.

Innsbruck is

  1. centrally situated in the heart of Europe
  2. Alpine, urban and historic
  3. A combination of tradition and modernity
  4. A city with personality
  5. Easily accessible by air, road and rail
  6. A congress city with an award-winning convention center right in the city center
  7. With hotels in all categories in the immediate vicinity
  8. Center for science and research
  9. A unique natural backdrop – city meets nature
  10. A historic and cultural city center
  11. A wide range of possibilities for support programs
  12. According to CNN one of “Europe’s 10 hottest destinations in 2013”

Tourism Infrastructure